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My own business. Why I was searching?

I thought I enjoyed my JOB (or as many call it – Just Over Broke!)

I thought it was a reasonable paying job, one which I had been doing for quite some time.

Then everything changed.

My manager relocated to the head office and left the branch without anybody in control, which went on for months. Worst still as we seemed to have lost support from our head office. It was almost as if our branch didn’t matter to the rest of the company now we were without a manager who could insist on support.

So the situation got rapidly worse, we needed a new manager to steer and lead this branch in the right direction. Or so I thought.

A new manager was employed.

A young guy, with very little experience, joined our team of highly experienced consultants and started barking orders at us. He was determined to make changes to accommodate his own agenda.

After so many successful years developed by a great team, we suddenly found ourselves in a very different position.

We were treated without respect, our creativity was squashed and was dictated to my middle management.

All our client appointments had to be approved by him for travel reimbursement, which was all good and well all companies need checks and balances, but it seemed that he went out of his way to cut as much out as possible.

After appointments, he would call to ensure we had visited.

An increased target for new sales per month.

On and On and On…… you get the picture……it was hell!

After 30 successful years in sales, I felt devastated that it had come to this.  The anger at being treated this way was simmering under the surface and I knew I was at risk of exploding at any moment.

I had to do something. But what?

  • Get another job
  • A better job
  • A job with professional management
  • A job which provided higher earnings

It was also at this time that I started my search for a way to make money at home from the internet.


So I went for an interview for this new JOB and I was delighted when they called me back for a second interview and yes you guessed it I was offered the position…..great, I would be happy again!

From my search for a home based business, I found Wealthy Affiliate and decided with the free offer I would test the water and see what it was like.

I set up my profile and started my first lesson of the Online Certification Training.

I enjoyed it so much that I could’not wait to get to the next lesson.

My first 2 months with Wealthy Affiliate were great, I went through the training as a steam engine, set up my niche site and wrote my content.

Set up my social media and started to share to spread the word about this wonderful business I had started. But always in the back of my mind, there was this little voice saying….. But is this really going to work?

Will I really make money with my own website?

Was it all just a dream of a better life?


At this stage, I was certainly not in a position to leave my JOB. Was I fooling myself to believe I could achieve the same success as others?

Should I just work hard in this new job?

But what will happen in another 10 years time?

How will I feel again when I have brought in sales to make my BOSS wealthy so he can purchase a brand new car while I still drive around in my old faithful Peugeot!

More Questions and finally I made my decision!

Who is important here?

Who are you living your life for?

What do you really want in life?

If you didn’t have to go to work every day and listen to the boss and follow instructions then what would you really like to be doing- honestly?

I realised it was me who had a problem!

Here was my problem:

  • I believed that I had to work hard to make a living.
  • I had to listen and obey my superiors
  • I had to ensure I was at the office on time and put in the extra time and effort to receive recognition.

But why?

How many young people nowadays cannot get a good job, after leaving University with a degree and they have to accept a lower paying job to pay back their student loans.

Because I was born a Generation X!

I was brought up to obey and respect your elders and superiors. That’s how I was taught in school and by my parents and its what I believed throughout my adult life.

The person who introduced me to WA is a youngster in his 20s who had the opportunity to study at University after he finished his national service in the army. He started a website and choose not to go to University.

I remember a fellow member at Wealthy Affiliate cautioning him, advising him to go to University and study as a good education was very important in life. But why? what do they really teach you in school about how to make it in life?

He politely thanked them for their concern but chose to follow his dreams and concentrate on building his business.

He is now a young businessman making more money than most people make who are twice his age.

If you would like to find out more about Jerry and how he became a Super Affiliate, this is his story.

Bills to pay, so can’t give up my JOB!

I can’t just decide to quit my job and stay at home to create a website. And since this is something that takes time and is a real business ( not a get-rich-quick-scam!), something which will require a lot of work, how can I possibly do both.

That is what I finally realised if I truly want to dream about the life of financial freedom, and the freedom to spend my time as I choose. To work when I want to work, the freedom to travel and take leave when I want and not when the company manager decides, then I really need to put in the effort and work on both business and job until I can eventually fire my boss.

Sometimes I just want to write about how I am feeling or what I am thinking although I started my blog and my first website in my chosen niche, hairdressing. I thought this was a good choice because I know about hair, I was trained in hair design when I studied at college so it would be the best place for me to start.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate on the spur on the moment one evening after I had searched the internet for a way to make some money in a business that I could actually afford.

One which wasn’t going to cost me a fortune as I didn’ have any liquid cash to invest, I didn’t own property to mortgage and I wasn’t sure the bank was going to provide me with a loan.

As a result, I couldn’t buy a business, I thought about buying a salon, then looked at completing a course on nail art to open a small nail business or rent a chair in a salon.

My attitude toward the corporate world has changed over the years. I always wanted to climb the corporate ladder to top management but the closer I got, the more I become disillusioned at the lack of ethics, promotions awarded to favourites and certain ethnic groups.

The more I looked online the harder it seemed to get with so many promises of huge earnings with very little effort. I admit at some point I thought that some of these testimonials must be true as there seemed to be so many people earning more from the internet than I was working an 8-hour job…… How can that be!

I spent so many hours listening and watching webinars on how much money you can make and how easy it is to make it then you get to the end of the sales pitch and they want you to pay $1000s and of course I don’t have that, especially living in South Africa, as our currency is very weak against the USD.

How was I am going to do this? The funny thing was I was always using social media to share and post articles, vlogs and blogs at work, so in essence, they were receiving free advertising from me as I thought I needed to do this so that my network grew to provide me with more opportunities for sales.

So after a long search, and the promise to myself that I will not rush into anything and regret it later I finally came across Wealthy Affiliate.

It offered the option of a 7-day trial all-inclusive which appealed to me as I thought if that was the case I had time to go into their program and research it, check it out and to see if it will be worth me going ahead and paying for the program. The other thing I really liked was the option to build a website or 2 for free with lessons on how to get started for free.

I did this and chose hair as I mentioned I know something about this, however, something I didn’t take into consideration was as hair and beauty is a very fashionable niche to have, it will require information and photos of the latest styles.

That’s what I would want to see if I was looking for information on hair, all the latest!

There was a problem.

To buy pictures for this was very expensive so my hair site took on a life of its own, I turned to hair care which led to problems with hair as more and more people wanted to know how to fix their hair. Be it oily hair, Frizzy hair or hair loss.

Well, that is a whole story in itself!

The right niche for your business

So I thought people would like to hear more about how I started in my business.

I know there are so many people either looking to supplement their income, as the cost of living just seems to get higher and higher, or looking for a hobby that isn’t going to cost the earth.

I remember when I was looking for information I just wanted someone to be honest and tell me what it was really like because let’s face it, even if you have found a great product there are still parts of it that you maybe don’t like or wish were different.

I started to search for more lifestyle sites as I realised my hair site was taking on a life of its own.

At Wealthy Affiliate you receive 2 websites on the free option, so it is possible to start another site while you are building your original site, I decided to do this but then I had now opted to pay for the premium membership of $49 month which gave me access to so much more training and help from a great community.

I went through the training and managed to do this quickly as I was so interested in how to get my site up and running and I loved it so much and remember feeling so proud when I finally published my first post and wow when I got my first comment I was so happy, someone had actually read what I had written and actually taken the time to make a comment, which was fantastic.

I wanted to do more and more but then the corporate work just got in my way, it seemed like I spent so much time at work when all I wanted to do was get home so that I could boot up my laptop and write. I actually had to force myself to stop and chat with the family as they were beginning to get ignored.

The other great thing is the community at Wealthy Affiliate, there are so many people doing the same thing who have gone through the same as you that they really do understand the challenges you face.

They want to help and guide you as a “newbie” which is the term they seem to always use. Some have been here for a very long time, while others are also new to the whole internet business.

But no matter what stage you are at or whether you are experienced or inexperienced they always want to help and assist.

Community Blogging

They blog within the community about new things they have found which have helped them with their sites, such as plugins for the website or new ways to sign your name with charities, or how to make banners to attract visitors to whatever you are offering.

There are some huge success stories where some people are earning very good money, but even so, they are still so willing to help you get started and share their knowledge.

The training is so interesting and full of great ideas and never suggests that you do this purely to make a buck it is always about how to write great content to help others in their businesses.

They provide great insight into how Google indexes pages and what Google is looking for when they index, how to get traffic to your site and how to make the content interesting so visitors want to read it.

I have learned so much in such a short space of time and although my original site has changed and I have started a new site promoting WA I realised that this is not just for the buck it is so important to provide that honest feedback so that others searching the internet like I was, find the right way to earn an income, and get the right information .

After all, we all want a better life for ourselves and we all want to improve our situation but not many of us can afford to lose money and we all get angry when we realise we have been coned with get-rich-quick schemes.

If you would like to try for yourself follow me to set up your free account. I will be on the other side to personally assist you with any questions and queries you may have to help a guide you in building your very own successful business.

I look forward to seeing you in Wealthy Affiliate.

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