The Law of Attraction – reach for what you really want in life

When I was a child I would play with my sister in our bedroom, surrounded by our dolls to enjoy an afternoon tea party.

We had real “China” cups and saucers and sometimes real biscuits, but for most of the time, we would just pretend as we poured the tea from the teapot into our little cups and placed a slice of imaginary Victoria Sponge onto our little plates.

We would drink our tea with our little finger pointed out as this was how the posh people drank their tea, and we would talk in posh accents as if we were very wealthy Ladies married to very important men, living in our palaces!

Our dolls would be sitting on the floor next to us and we would fuss over them as if they were like children and we as their mothers had to make sure they drank their tea and ate their cake, and most importantly remembered to say please and thank you.

I am sure if you were also born before the age of computers, PlayStation and smartphones, you will remember playing games of “Let’s pretend!”

Of course, as we got older our dreams and ideas of life changed or maybe reality set in’, but we still believed that one day we would do this or that. One day I will be a very successful business owner with my own company.

Doing the same will attract the same

So you start your working career with great enthusiasm, while still believing that you will conquer the world and reach the summit, but as time goes on things seem to change.

You begin to listen to other people’s opinions about you and worst still you start to believe they may be right. You may realise that reaching the goals set by a company is not always as easy to reach as previously imagined.

This realization can cause one of two reactions within you:

  1. Create drive and energy
  2. Cause you to feel fear and anxiety

Depending on which one is more dominant in your mind will ultimately lead you to your result.

So Let’s take a look at what happens.

Definition of Drivepropel or carry along by force in a specified direction.

If the more prominent picture in your mind, together with the feeling is one of accomplishment and fulfilment then your mind and body will create the drive and energy to propel you to reach your goal.

Definition of Anxiety – a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

However, if the feeling and picture is one of anxiety and fear of the possibility of not being able to reach your desired goal then you mind will pull you closer to your current reality to provide you comfort.

Some people have the ability to flick between their current reality and their desired goal which provides them with the energy to propel themselves forward, these people are usually successful and achieve great things.

But some seem to start out with great intentions when they create a goal only to fall back into their comfort zone as time passes.

These latter group will find that they will continue to fail unless they work at changing.

This is where practising Law of attractions can help.

I wish my life was different

Just as a child playing with the tea set wishing our life was very different we can also wish this was the case in our adult life.

The difference is that as a child we have not experienced the disappointment and knocks in life that causes us to doubt ourselves.

We also as children have our whole life in front of us with time to plan and rehearse the dream over and over again, but sometimes in adult life, we can fall into our own sabotage when we believe in our dream initially and then talk ourselves out of if, putting excused in the way of achievement.

So we carry on wishing life was different but not really in our sub conscious mind believing is can really be different.

Law of Attraction

I am sure is not a new concept to you as most of us have either read or watched the movie “The Secret”

The book, primarily about self-help and spirituality written by Rhonde Bryne in 2006 has been translated into 50 languages and sold over 30 million copies.

In the film well know personalities are interviewed to explain how the law of attraction works and how each and every one of us can tap into it and practice the law to improve our lives to bring an abundance of that which we wish for.

Great advice is provided by:

Bob Proctor – co-Founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute and considered the world’s foremost expert on the human mind.

Jack Canfiled– Motivational speaker and author or Chicken Soup for the Soul

James Aurther Ray – Motivational speaker and author of Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life you want

Micheal Beckwith -Author and founder of The Agarpe International Spiritual Center in California

Neale Donald Walsh – Author of series The Conversations with God

Dr. Joe Vitale – Once homeless on the streets of Dallas, author of The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits

John Assaraf – Author of Quest for Success and founder of NeuroGym, providing methods to help individuals unleash their full potentials

Esther Hicks – Inspirational speaker and author. Co-written nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks

Practice makes perfect

If you find you are like most people who usually fit into the category of great initial intentions then retracting back into your comfort zone you may wish to visit the sites mentioned above and put into practice some laws, methods and practices suggested.

As with most things in life it may take practice before you are used to attracting your abundance. It may take time before you really understand how to feel like you already have that which you want.

It may feel silly at first to pretend again as an adult where it was once such an easy thing to do as a child, but hey if you really want this so much it is worth giving it a go, who knows you could be very happy you did.

I apply these laws every day while I work at my business. I am still working a 9-5 job but I do believe if I put these teachings to use, practice and believe in my life of wealth generated from my home business, I will achieve.

If you want to the chance to start your own business, one which will allow you the freedom to work from home while you spend time with your family, then take a look at my recommended option.

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