The best way to build your own website

Do you want to learn how to build a website?

Do you want to blog, but don’t know how?

Do you own a business and want to market your goods online?

Do you want to learn from other bloggers?

Are you stuck with your current blog?

Have you run out of ideas?

If you can relate to these questions then no matter at what stage in your business you may find yourself, we are always looking for more information. Here I would like to share with you some tips with you on the best way to build your own website.

It has become very fashionable to blog, many people like to write about life experiences such as renovating their home or their favourite recipes or tips on how to look after a favourite pet.

Just about any topic imaginable can be found on the internet.

Some people will blog for the fun of it, just to share with others while some people will blog to share and earn a living from affiliate products, but whatever the reason for your blog it can all be done nowadays with ease.

Marketing on a website

Companies wishing to provide a service or sell a product can no longer survive without a website as this is usually the first place prospective buyers will go to view the company and their offerings.

That’s all great but it can be expensive to employ someone or use the services of a professional to create and maintain your own website.

Years ago if you wanted to do anything online and especially build your own website you needed to be trained in programming, writing code.

But all that has changed and now you do not need any IT experience or knowledge to own a home based online business. So in this article, I will hopefully show you the best way to build your own website,

There are different platforms to use for your websites such as WordPress or Joomla and any option is really down to your own preference

I prefer to use WordPress as I find it to be user-friendly and allows for multiple plugins which enhance the site for the visitors’ experience. I manage my website through Wealthy Affiliate.

How to create a website in 30 seconds.

Using, what I believe to be the best service provider to host my websites as well as the best learning academy and community available in the internet marketing arena. With Wealthy Affiliate, we can build a website in 30 seconds

Step 1

Sign for your free account to create up to 2 free websites – (see the link below)

Step 2

Watch the video

Step 3

Follow the easy prompts to build your website.

Your own website

You have an idea or a niche, something you are interested in and want to share with others who may be searching for information, then your website domain name should be relevant to your niche.

When you load it into the Site Rubix free domain website it will tell you whether this name is available to you or if it has been taken. Try to keep it simple do not add characters or spaces in your name.

You want to keep it in line with how your audience will search for your niche on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The title of your website can be the same as your domain name or it can be different.

You can always change the title at a later stage but your domain name can’t be changed.

Domain Name

Website Title


Of course, if you choose to upgrade to premium with Wealthy affiliate you can own your domain or you can move your existing domain to WA if you are already an owner of a website

As a starter member, you can choose a theme from a selection of 12 websites. Check the theme by taking a demo of the website to make sure it is what you want before selecting.

As a premium member you will have up to 24000 themes to choose from and if you decide at a later stage to change your theme then all your content is kept secure and transferred to your new theme.

All the website security, spam protection and speed are taken care of by WA so you have peace of mind.

Helpful settings for your website

The WA site manager is a very useful tool to keep all your information on your websites

As a starter member, you will have access to the first section which includes

  1. Site Manager – Access your website + site Health
  2. Site Builder – Build your website
  3. Site Domains – Find, register and manage your domains
  4. Site Content – the ultimate writing platform

You can log in to your website from this platform through your details page. Details for administrator and any users you may wish to add can all use this with their own personal usernames and passwords

The writing platform will assist you with a template for effective content writing, after all, we are not all authors!

Should you want further benefits such as the following then the premium will offer this for you.

5. Site Comments – get comments on your pages and posts

6. Site Feedback – get feedback from other experts on your website

7. Site Support – Technical support for your websites

In conclusion

Like you, I have an interest in my niche and wanted to offer an insight into my journey as well as share my experience with others. I have also dreamed of owning my own business and often wondered how I would do it and with no money for an initial investment, this seems like the perfect place to start.

As an absolute beginner building my online business, I have found this way of building a website invaluable. I would not have been able to do this without the help from this wonderful community and the incredible lessons offered in the online course and boot camp.

If you are interested in joining me on my journey or even better if you are ready to take the plunge and start your own business then I invite you to go to my Wealthy Affiliate review and follow the link to set up your free account.

Remember it is free for as long as you want with 2 free websites for you to create. There is no pressure to go premium.

I hope you have found this to be useful and if there is any further help I can offer you then please leave a comment below or sign to your free account and I will seed you on the other side.

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