Super affiliate program. Learn from these success stories

We have chatted previously about how to start your own website and build a business.

But is it really worth it?

Is it really going to work for me or do these things just happen to other people?

Is it just a dream to work from home?

Or can I really become a super affiliate?

Let’s take a look at some super affiliates and see if we can learn from their success stories.

Super Affiliates or just a pie in the sky dream

As you know I belong to a community called Wealthy Affiliate which is where I have been fortunate to learn all about building an online business, and how to build my own website.

It is great to have this as a hobby style business but what if you really want to make a change in life, to have the option to earn a living from this way of life.

What if you are working in a typical 9-5 job and dream of creating a business which will afford you the luxury of staying at home or working from anywhere in the world.

Let’s face it, if you are anything like me then this is what we would really love to be doing!

Although it can be a little daunting when you start on this journey I have always found it encouraging reading posts from other affiliates who achieved success by sticking with it until they started to earn an income from their business.

Some members have managed this in a short space of time while others have taken longer to make money online (MMO).

This is, I believe a reflection of the effort they put into their business which can be effected by the available time to spend on the business, but also on the chosen niche. Some niches and websites will take longer than others to see results. .

If like me, you are working in a full time job, have a family to support and a home to look after then there are limited hours to dedicate to the business, this has to impact on how quickly you can start earning.

I remember the first time I received an email telling me I had made my first commission, $8.00!

I was so excited!

I just knew there and then that if I can do that in a few months and if I suck with the business I would make more and more until eventually I would be able earn a living from the business and would no longer need to sit in traffic in the mornings dreading going into the office.

But even though I have seen this for myself believe it or not it is still easy to believe that those super affiliates have some sort of magic formula for success.

Something that an average person like me just does’not have.

I am sure you know that feeling. I am sure you will question whether you can also make this successful?

How do they become Super Affiliates?

One of the pleasures I receive from being part of this wonderful community is the fantastic support from all those experienced and successful affiliates.

If I feel negative or start to doubt my capabilities, I take a break, head over to my dashboard to read the blog posts of their success.

We need to remember that we all start at the beginning knowing very little about this way of life, if anything at all about how to build a website. You know what? Neither did they! But:-

They stick at it.

They keep going even when the going gets tough.

They believe they will succeed.

They follow the training and they do the work.

Some will produce an article every single day.

Some will take longer but they all keep going.

A Common comment I hear from most super affiliates is:

Success can be found at the next blog post

Even when they start to enjoy the success, it is not the end.

They continue to work on their business, putting in the effort, doing what is required because they understand there are no “Get rich quick” schemes out there, only scams!

They keep going and they keep producing content for their sites.

Some Success Stories

So let us take a look at some super successful affiliates, and see how they managed to achieve their goals.

Click on the link reading their stories

Nathaniell’s Story

Jerry Huang’s Story

Grace’s Story AKA Little Mama

Some more success stories

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So YouTube Just Paid Me $2,053.47

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My WA Affiliate Commission Report For September 2018

Be Inspired

When you read these inspirational tales from some very successful marketers, and as we have mentioned before it is easy to believe they are special and have something we do not.

What they did have was determination to:

Follow the training.

Stick to the program.

And the most important aspect – they didn’t give up!

If you would like to find out more about how to start your own blog or affiliate marketing business then follow me to my review on what I believe to be the most amazing coaching platform in the market today, Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope you will at least sign in and set up your free account which is where you will have a chance to investigate the community and training. You will be able use it inclusively for the first 7 days with NO CHARGE, then if you still wish to stay as a FREE member you will have access to your 2 websites and up to 10 lessons and training. And remember it will ALWAYS BE FREE!

If however like me you found this to be the place where you wanted to learn more, have access to weekly webinars and access to ask all these super affiliates questions while you build your business, then you can upgrade to the special price of $19 for the first month, that is a 60% saving.

Thereafter you will only pay $49/month.

Please feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any help with your business or offer any advice to assist you with getting your online business up and running.

If you have enjoyed my post I would love to hear your comments and thoughts as well as any success stories you may wish to share.

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