Is affiliate marketing difficult?

Being in this business I can tell you that it is NOT easy, well not if you want to make a success of it.

That said, in my experience there are some obvious reasons why people do not succeed, but if you learn how to overcome these problems then you will not fail.

For many people who wish to start an online business the natural place to begin is with a blog or website and affiliate marketing.

When searching the internet for solutions it is riddled with scams which promise you wealth in a short space of time, but unfortunately leave you with less money in your pockets and more frustration.

So why do so many start with good intentions but end up feeling let down and despondent.

Hobby or business

When new people start with this type of business I often get asked questions such as:
Is affiliate marketing easy?

How long will it take before I make money?

What is the quickest way to get traffic to my site?

This is usually because while searching for an opportunity they read websites, or watch webinars claiming that they only need to do a few simple posts to attract lots of visitors which will allow them to earn a six figure income in no time.

Most think that by having a hobby for example, photography or baking they can write a few posts on a blog when they feel like it, say every now and again, or a couple of times a month, link the blog to an affiliate like, Amazon and Clickbank and they will be earning revenue straight away.

To be fair it isn’t really their fault as there are so many programs on the internet offering the quickest way to make money online that it is easy to fall into the trap of believing there has to be some truth in it.

Well I hate to be the one to break it to you but it is just not true!

If you are truly going to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing then you will need to put in hours of hard work, long before you even begin to see any benefit or any earnings.

Only if you treat “your hobby blog’ like a proper business, will you eventually reap the rewards, and see results.

Let me explain

With any chance of securing an income from your site you need to achieve rankings in Google. To achieve this you will need to have at least 50 posts on your website. Fifty high quality articles, to keep your visitors engaged, before you can expect to see an increase in traffic which will result in purchases. To achieve this will take time.

If like me you are building your site while you still have a full time job, then it will require you to work on your business in the evenings and at the weekends, and may be even in your lunch hour to ensure you are continually creating content for your website. You will need to post at least 2-3 times a week, but preferably daily to build the traffic and rankings.

The more you write and the quicker you do so, the quicker you will see results.

It’s one thing to just write content but it also needs to be of high quality. Even of you are writing about something of interest, It can be time-consuming, as the information for each post needs to be researched, the facts need to be checked and verified and up to date.

Remember you are writing posts or may be even reviewing products to help others who are searching for information.

Furthermore, to attract visitors to your site you need to research your long tail Keywords for each and every post.

Why do people fail?

In my opinion there are a couple of reasons why so many fail with affiliate marketing.

1. They just do not want to invest the time and effort required to make it successful.

2. They are in a rush to succeed and keep searching for the “shiny object” being offered by unscrupulous online programs

They have been lured into the belief having read so many articles on “Get rich quick” schemes that they continue to search for the one solution which is going to do just that.

Unfortunately it dosen’t exist.

So what is the solution?

It is very simple, hard work, continuity and patience will eventually lead you to success.

This may sound harsh but you and you alone are the only reason you will not succeed in the business of affiliate marketing. There are over 4 billion potential customers who are willing to part with their hard-earned cash if your site is relevant to their needs. But if you are not willing to put in the effort and hard work, and I mean continual hard work then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Of course, we all have to start somewhere and it can be overwhelming in the beginning, so we all need a helping hand to lead us in the right direction.

If you are willing to work hard and do what it takes to reach your goals then my advice will be to work on one website, keep it simple, write quality content often, keep your audience engaged and stick at it until you see the results.

If you are truly interested in affiliate marketing and want a chance to make a real success in this type of business then I suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate for free NOW.

As it can be confusing in the beginning, and you will require help to build your business if you sign up NOW you will have me as your personal coach to help you get your website up and running.

Take the plunge but as I said this is only for people who are determined to work hard to achieve their goals.

I hope I have provided you with some clarity as to the pitfalls of affiliate marketing, if so, I would love to see you within the community of Wealthy Affiliate.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments, as I always respond to anyone who is eager to learn more.

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4 thoughts on “Is affiliate marketing difficult?

  • Hi Debbie. Being blunt from the start is good. Every reasonable person should understand that it takes time to build something good and real. Well of course there are exceptions but those are few.

    It may take at least 3 months (as far as i know) to make a profit. So until this 3rd month you should be building your site with quality content based on low hanging fruit.

    Even ads won’t be approved if your site doesn’t have some minimum posts. So it takes effort and time. But if you are willing to go for it for real, then you shoudn’t have any problems.

    Wealthy Affiliate has the community to help you in many areas(technical, motivational etc) and of course seeing other’s people reactions of not giving up helps you as well.

    • Hi George,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You are so right it does take time to build your website but with consistent posting and interaction with your audience, you will find it builds and gains momentum.



  • Great post. In my personal opinion, affiliate marketing isn’t hard, but it can be discouraging for those who are not patient or consistent. Regardless of the channels people decide to go through when it comes to affiliate marketing, they need to be consistent with content creation. Affiliate marketing success doesn’t happen overnight, so patience is a must.

    • Hi Nate,

      I think you have hit the nail on the head!

      Patience is something a lot of people do not seem to have these days, we are so used to instant messaging and responses that it seems to take too long so people give up before they have given it chance to grow.


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