How to write a blog post that drives traffic – the easy way

Have you ever thought of a great topic to write about, one you believe your audience will love to read, but when it comes to writing about it your mind goes blank?  Maybe you just do not know what to write about, or what interests your audience.

When I started writing posts this would happen to me all the time, until I found the easy way to write a blog that builds traffic. Let me share some tips with you.

 Target audience

Find what people are interested in right now. Use sites like Answer the public (link to the page below).

Keep up to date with changes in your chosen niche.

Use patterns and trends such as Black Friday Special or Valentines Day to promote specials. Using the calendar for different times of the year may result in higher traffic to your site.

Use keywords for your topics, but be careful not to keyword stuff.  In other words, using it too much in your post or this will have the reverse effect, remember we want a blog that drives traffic to our site.

I use a keyword research tool Jaxxy for all my posts to ensure the highest possible traffic to my site – click here to read my review.

Don’t go off topic. Keep it relevant to your visitors search. Below I have highlighted some tools which may help with understanding what interests your audience.

Helping your visitors

When I first started writing blogs for my websites, I knew what I wanted to say to my visitors but as soon as I sat to write it down, I would start doubting my abilities.

I am not a writer, I would procrastinate and fuss over the sentences so it would take me a long time to publish a post. I don’t know everything about punctuation and grammar.  I just want to help people with information I do know something about.

But when I really thought about this stumbling block I was putting in my own way, I realised that whenever I visit a website it is to find out about information on a certain topic, so I guess that is what others are looking for too.

Ask yourself what your readers want to read. How would you like to read?

For me, it is short sentences with key interests conversational type of writing.

Target keywords that will interest your visitors? What are they typing in the search box?

Ask questions as to what you think your visitors will be interested in.

Show Don’t tell

Most people today don’t have the time to read lengthy blogs that is why the layout of your post is key.

Apart from using strong headlines add videos, these are quick to watch and an easy way to help your visitor. Most people today watch tutorials to find out how to
do things.

Images and especially infographics are a great way to get the message across without reading lots of content.

Nobody likes to be told how to do something, but we all like to be shown how to, so use screen shots.  They are another great way to show your visitor step by step the process of how to go about a certain task.

It also creates credibility as I think most of us have at one stage or another been scammed by the false promises of how we can create wealth online!  If you can see someone else’s success you are more inclined to follow. See my example here.

Writing technique

I like to open my page and just start writing. I do not worry about the structure of the sentence, punctuation or even spelling mistakes, I just write as if I was talking to a friend as if I was explaining about the chosen topic.

I will put down strong headlines to cover all the topics and sometimes these are not in the right order, but I will go back to tidy up my page after I have written all the information.

Research is key as we do not have all the answers so it is important to investigate the latest relevant content. Nobody wants to read old news. If it is outdated they will not stay on your page.

Even though a lot of you will be witting where you may earn a commission if your visitor purchases from your affiliates, it is important to remember that the main reason for doing this, is to help others in their quest for information.

Always write with that in mind.

Ask your visitors – Do you want to build a website now?

Make your headlines captivating, as some people will not read all the content but scan through the page to see the headlines.

Think about how you read a post when you are searching for information.   Do you read all the content or just what you think will interest you below the headline?

This allows your visitor to make decisions for themselves.  Some people are quicker to react than others, some want to read all the information on offer before taking any action.

Read your comments to see what your visitors are asking

Keep it relative to the topic

Helpful Tools

Here are some helpful tools you may like to use when writing your next blog.

Answer the

Ask these are questions people are asking. If you know what interests the audience you can tailor your blog accordingly. This is useful for future posts too as you can save the data in lists.


Topics can be filtered by channels,

Channels with the most subscribers

Most popular videos

Number of views

What is trending newest

Watch the video, how is the person engaging with their audience,

Read the comments – what do they want to know. – To find the most shared content and key influencers

Statistics on shared content across all social media with detail analysis reports

See other content using your keywords published by a competitor

Track your competitors content for performance

Key influencers what they are sharing

They offer a free 7-day trial so you can use the product before making a decision to purchase. There are four plans to select from with a heavily discounted option for non- profit organizations. Ask a question

Ask your audience in Quora what interests them

Surveys understand what information people require

Choose your topics of interest so you can narrow down your search

Ask questions for your research or use to lead your audience to your website write with confidence

Write content and let Grammarly review to ensure your work is mistake free and impactful

Spelling checker

Grammar. Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Options of free or paid versions

In conclusion

I believe the most important aspect is to remember you are here to help people.  If you write with this in mind I believe you will succeed. Always remember why you are doing this.  Engage with your audience, reply to their comments and offer help and assistance.

I hope you have found this useful if I have not covered what you are looking for please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on how you write a blog that drives traffic.

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4 thoughts on “How to write a blog post that drives traffic – the easy way

  • This is an insightful tip and i must tell you its wonderful checking on your blog and seeing this lovely post to read. I am a new blogger and my traffic is not forthcoming but i must tell you your article is an eye opener for me. I don’t even know qoura, youtube etc can be one of those platforms that can enhance the speed rate of how traffic comes to my blog.

    Thanks for this insightful lecture

    • Hi Ola,

      I love to share tips and advice about blogging as we all have to start somewhere and learn as we progress with our business.

      As traffic is so important to the success of our business it is always useful to find out different ways to build more.

      I am so happy that you found my suggestions useful.

      All the best 


  • Hello Debbie – As a relative newbie to WA I have to tell you that you certainly have delivered both with this post and your site in general.  I was taking notes as I was reading your how to write a blog post …please take that as both a compliment and confirmation of the quality of your offering.

    I tend to go off topic and not give the time necessary to research and monetizing my writing.  Thank you for the guidance and reminders within your post.  

    I also think your site is clean, crisp and easy to navigate.

    Thank You – Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you so much for your compliment, I really appreciate it.

      It is so easy to go off topic when you are new here as there is so much to learn and investigate, I did exactly the same as a Newbie!

      Once you get used to the community and you realise it’s important to remember this is a business which needs work, you will start focusing on that.

      Keep following the training and apply what you have learnt and you will start to see the results.

      If you ever need any assistance please feel free to contact me and I will do what I can to help.

      All the best,


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