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Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research is important for your business

Do you find it difficult to find the right topics to write about?

Get stuck for the right words to use or run out of ideas?

Need some inspiration for new content for your blog?

Then Keyword research is the answer.

A keyword is important for any online business as this is what search engines use to direct people to your website.

Let me explain.

A keyword is a phrase that anyone searching the internet will use to find information.

For example, my Keyword for this post is

How to find keywords for a website?

when you type this phrase to the search box of your chosen search engine such as Google it will pick out Keywords to link your search to their pages of information on the subject.

Keywords are important as they are the starting point for all your rankings on your posts. Whether you are using free keywords for SEO (search engine optimizer) or if you are using pay per click (PPC). They are the reason more traffic(viewers and buyers) will be directed to your site, and if you are using this for affiliate marketing then you need traffic.

How to use Keywords

When writing a post or blog we need to put ourselves in the mindset of our readers, we should allow our Intuition to guide us on the best words and phrases to use.

For example

How do I make a pizza

The best toppings for homemade pizza

These are known as long tail keywords – they make sense and they lead us directly to the right pages.

Let’s say you want to investigate the best affiliate markets, below is an idea of the results you may find. To give your business a better chance of ranking in the top pages on Google, it is important to find the right keywords to fit the actual search. Each post you write for your website will rank higher and therefore be viewed by more people if you have the right word.

This is what we call natural SEO rankings.

It isn’t always easy to think of the right phrase when writing lots of content, so we need some help with our research and ideas. You can use Google to establish the most used searches for your posts, by typing in the words you would use when searching for information. Google provides you with the most commonly used searches in a drop-down menu which you can select.

The keywords will be the “hook” for people searching and we want them to come to your site. The easiest way I find is to think of your chosen topic then search it yourself.

Most people will use a broad search initially, especially if the topic is unfamiliar, such as


From this one keyword, I already have a list of possible ideas for my blog from the most popular searches.

  • Free keyword tool
  • Keyword list
  • What are keywords in SEO
  • How to find keyword for SEO

If I find one I like then I can decide to search further on this keyword to narrow down my search.

I now have more ideas for my post all from one initial word “Keyword”. Although this method is providing me with plenty of ideas it can be very time-consuming.

We can look at another technique which is very popular especially when you are still unsure of the actual keywords for our post. Sometimes we just can’t think of a great title for the content on which we wish to write.

Alphabet Soup Technique

One of the best ways to search for great keywords is to make use of the alphabet soup technique.

This is achieved by adding the letters of the alphabet after your search as illustrated below.

Alphabet Soup Search + “a”

Alphabet Soup Search + “b

Alphabet Soup Search + “c”

Do you see how this gives you plenty of ideas, each one of these can lead to great content.

The advantages of using the Alphabet Soup Technique

  • Free

It’s free to use and easy to understand. It also provides plenty of keywords and ideas for content.

  • Easy to understand

Anyone can use it from beginners who may not have any technical knowledge to veterans who have relied on it for many posts.

  • Provides ideas

It’s a great tool to use when you are stuck for ideas, whether it be of a post or niche on a website.

The disadvantages of using the Alphabet Soup Technique

  • Time-consuming

Using the alphabet soup technique alone can be very time consuming with the tendency to pick a keyword from the beginning of the alphabet

  • No Statistics

Using the search engine without any statistics available means we are guessing that this is what our audience will type in their search box. It is too much of a chance to put in the effort when building content for a website.

Other Free Keyword research tools

Google Adwords – Keyword Planner

As Google is a trusted name it is a popular choice for a free keyword tool. New website owners will enjoy this one as well as seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Discover new keywords

Keyword planner will find the most relevant phrase to your service or product when you search for a keyword. The ones you like can then be added to your Keyword Planner

Compare Keyword Trends

this will assist you with how often the keyword is searched and the trends for that keyword.

Keyword In – Keep it simple

If you prefer to keep it simple the Keyword In is the right tool for you.

Type in your keyword or phrase and it will provide you with suggested phrases as illustrated below.

It will mix the words to provide you with suggested long tail phrases and keywords.

Jaxxy – Great keyword research tool

To fine-tune this process and receive more accurate results we can use keyword research tools. There are a few on the market but one of my favourites is called Jaxxy.

Jaxxy is free with the with Wealth Affiliate membership and will provide you with statistics when searching for your Keyword.

In-depth results can be found by:

  • Average Search for the Keyword – how many times this keyword searched per month
  • Traffic – the number of visits you are likely to receive if your website ranks on page one
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results, number of competing websites in search engines with this keyword
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator – Poor, Average, Good, Great.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimizer – the higher the score the more likely you will rank

As you can see we are now searching with some valuable information on how this particular keyword should perform.

Jaxxy Keyword Research tool offers a free trial. You get 30 searches which is a great way to test the program before making any purchases.

Jaxxy Lite is also included with your membership at Wealthy Affiliate as shown in the screenshot below.

In Conclusion

I highly recommend using keyword research tools when writing content for your website. When using the alphabet Soup technique it may be important to add that this is not just for Google, Bing or Yahoo searches but can also be used for YouTube and eCommerce such as Amazon.

As technology progresses with the voice searches such as Hey Suri, Hey Google, Hey Alexa it is advisable to keep the search clear and relative.

I hope this has provided you with some ideas and suggestions you improve your research. I would love to hear about your suggestions or experiences, so please feel free to comment below.

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6 thoughts on “How to find keywords for a website – free research tool

  • Hello, thanks for this information about keywords. I never thought about searching in google & only putting a single letter. This brings thousands of keywords out into the open. You can see which are more popular when they are towards the top of the list. I never knew Google had a keyword search. I’ll have to use that to help my business. Thanks again!

  • Hello there. Thank for sharing How to find keywords for a website and this awesome keyword research tool. This article has so much information and I’ve learnt a lot about techniques to finding keywords in order to rank in the search engines.

    This is a good read for anyone looking for help finding keywords for their websites.

    Thank for sharing. Cheers!

  • I never knew about keywords until I started with WA and started using jaxxy. I was doing it all along though with google and other search engines and not even realizing what I was doing. You make some very good points though about how to find keywords even like narrowing your searches down with a long search then finding what you need. I guess I didn’t understand how search engines worked.

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