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Hi everyone, my name is Debbie! Welcome to my site Successfulonlineaffiliate.com.

Lifes journey can sometimes lead us in a direction which we would never have anticipated. This is my story of how I came to be here, writing on this website.

I am not an internet guru. I am just a regular “gal” from a regular background with a regular life who happened to make a wise choice one day which is helping me to turn my life around.

My own Business. Why was I searching?

I am a British expat who has lived in South Africa for the past 30 years, working in sales and marketing within the corporate arena.  Although I have enjoyed success throughout my career, I know how it feels to trapped within the rule and regulations of the corporate world with limited flexibility, enduring long commutes and limited growth opportunities.

I often felt disillusioned and burnt out working for others.  Working long hours, being contacted to help clients when on vacation or sick in the hospital,  while receiving the scaled commissions they believed was fair remuneration.

Soul Searching

I knew something had to change so I started to ask myself some serious questions.

Who is important here?

Whose life is this?

What do you really want in life?

These were just some questions going through my head.

This is when I finally realised if I truly wanted to dream about life with financial freedom, the freedom to spend my time as I liked without restrictions. The freedom to travel and vacation whenever I wanted.

Then my own business was the answer.

This led me to search for a way to make money for myself at home.  

The more I searched the internet the harder it seemed to find lucrative business opportunities with so many promises of huge earnings, but with great upfront investments…… All Scams – you’ve seen them, you know what I’m talking about!


I joined WA on the spur on of the moment one evening after months of searching the internet for a way to make some money in a business that I could actually afford.
I started my blog on my website with my chosen niche in hair and beauty. I studied this when leaving school and although no longer practice I still have a passion for it.

I followed the lessons provided in the courses and lessons on how to build, monetize and market my business.

It was a great learning experience, one which gave me confidence that I had definitely made the right decision. I then decided to diversify to include this site about the world of digital marketing and websites.

I will never look back

Although this is not a quick fix solution and it will still take me time and effort to grow my business, I am confident I have made the right decision.   I am enjoying being part of a wonderful community who are always willing to assist me with my questions and offer advice.  Many of them earning 6 figure incomes but give of their time and knowledge.

I am looking forward to soon being in a position to quit my corporate position and follow this way of life full time.  To spend more time with my family,  to work anywhere in the world with the knowledge and flexibility of a nomad lifestyle with financial security.

As a result, I thought others would like to hear more about how I started in the one line business as I know there are so many people either looking to supplement their own income or have a hobby which is affordable and profitable.

So please feel free to view my blog where I do my best to share my knowledge, to help others, who like me want an honest reliable business opportunity.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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