Best blog domain names – How to check for domain names and availability

Having a domain name is important for your business or blog as this is how the world will find you on the internet, it is your World Wide Web address, so to speak. Your very own piece of the internet, much like real estate.

It is a good idea to spend some time deciding your domain name and what type of domain name will be best suited to your website. Do not be in a hurry with this one as it will often set the tone for your site and business.

Owning your own domain has its benefits.  As you develop your site and increase your rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo your domain will also increase in value, which can later be sold for a profit.

Here I will help you to understand when starting your own business or blog, how to check for domain names and availability as well as suitable companies to host either for free or at prices to suit all budgets.


The Law of Attraction – reach for what you really want in life

When I was a child I would play with my sister in our bedroom, surrounded by our dolls to enjoy an afternoon tea party.

We had real “China” cups and saucers and sometimes real biscuits, but for most of the time, we would just pretend as we poured the tea from the teapot into our little cups and placed a slice of imaginary Victoria Sponge onto our little plates.

We would drink our tea with our little finger pointed out as this was how the posh people drank their tea, and we would talk in posh accents as if we were very wealthy Ladies married to very important men, living in our palaces!

Our dolls would be sitting on the floor next to us and we would fuss over them as if they were like children and we as their mothers had to make sure they drank their tea and ate their cake, and most importantly remembered to say please and thank you.


Ultimate online home business!

My own business. Why I was searching?

I thought I enjoyed my JOB (or as many call it – Just Over Broke!)

I thought it was a reasonable paying job, one which I had been doing for quite some time.

Then everything changed.

My manager relocated to the head office and left the branch without anybody in control, which went on for months. Worst still as we seemed to have lost support from our head office. It was almost as if our branch didn’t matter to the rest of the company now we were without a manager who could insist on support.

So the situation got rapidly worse, we needed a new manager to steer and lead this branch in the right direction. Or so I thought.

A new manager was employed.


How to sell on Fiverr

A lot of people are looking of ways to make money online and Fiverr is a great way to do just that.

In this post I will show you how you can use your own skills to make money by selling gigs on Fiverr.

I will cover the following topics:

  • What is Fiverr?
  • How to set up your profile
  • How to offer your skills to potential buyers
  • How to complete your gig
  • How to monetize your services

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for a variety of digital services.

It is a great place to offer your services online as you do not need to wait to earn money while you build traffic, as is the case when building a website. Fiverr is already a very popular place for anyone searching who wishes to buy your talents and skills.


The best way to build your own website

Do you want to learn how to build a website? Do you want to blog, but don’t know how? Do you own a business and want to market your goods online? Do you want to learn from other bloggers? Are you stuck with your current blog? Have you run out of ideas? If you can relate to these questions then no matter at what stage in your business you may find yourself, we are always looking for more information. Here I would like to share with you some tips with you on the best way to build your own website.

How to write a blog post that drives traffic – the easy way

Have you ever thought of a great topic to write about, one you believe your audience will love to read, but when it comes to writing about it your mind goes blank?  Maybe you just do not know what to write about, or what interests your audience. When I started writing posts this would happen to me all the time, until I found the easy way to write a blog that builds traffic. Let me share some tips with you.

How to find keywords for a website – free research tool



Keyword Research is important for your business

Do you find it difficult to find the right topics to write about?

Get stuck for the right words to use or run out of ideas?

Need some inspiration for new content for your blog?

Then Keyword research is the answer.

A keyword is important for any online business as this is what search engines use to direct people to your website.

Let me explain.


Start Here

I imagine if you are reading this article you have been searching the internet for ways to start your own home-based business, and if your experience was anything like mine, it was full of “Get Rich Quick Schemes!”

But you and I are far too intelligent to know they just do not work!

Welcome to my site where I show you how you can build your online business. What works, how to go about setting it up even if you and completely new to the internet. I will show you how to start building a future that will one day allow you to live the life you deserve. Maybe you are employed but want to boost your income Retired and want a hobby business which will help supplement your pension A stay at home Mom or Dad who needs a source of income Young school  or college leaver looking for a way to earn money, or Maybe you are fed up with the grind of traffic on the commute to the office………or just simply want to FIRE YOUR BOSS! When I was searching for a way to make money online, it was for a few reasons. I was fed up with working a 9 to 5 JOB (just over broke!), making money for others, and taking instruction from an inexperienced boss as well as the long commute to work and sitting for 2 hours a day in traffic. Retirement is approaching and I needed a way to supplement my pension.

Options for home-based businesses

I initially started by selling cosmetic products which I enjoyed, but had the problem when I purchased for my customers who would pay me at the end of the month, and then sometimes didn’t. I found I was often left with the product, and on some occasions, I had given it to them all in good faith, but never to be paid!  Cash flow became a problem. Like you I searched the internet watching countless webinars on how I can make money quickly.  I was told I will be a millionaire in no time! From educational program which ended up being MLM where only the original founders really earn the big money, to schemes which looked great but had so many upsells to achieve results,  I would just end up paying out all the time.

I just didn’t have that kind of money to invest.

I needed something which was reasonably priced, which would teach me how to build my business, something I could start while holding down a full-time job (sometimes required me to work late into the evenings), and a business I could do at my own pace. Something that would provide me and my family with extra income, but would also allow me to eventually stop working in the corporate environment and work from wherever I choose in the world! Does this sound familiar? Then read on…… Here are some home business ideas you may like Publish an eBook – write about your interests or a knowledgeable subject. Sell products online through eBay or Shopify Blogging:  write about your hobby or interests If these sound like great ideas but you are not sure HOW? If these ideas sound interesting to you then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be……allow me to explain. Chances are that if you have a hobby or interest, it might be cooking, gardening or your pets. Health and fitness or maybe you recently lost weight and could share your tips and advice with others. If so, then you are in a position to make money through affiliate marketing. Through access to over 4 million potential customers worldwide who search the internet when they want information. You may have experienced this many times when you have visited a website, and I am sure you have already purchased something online yourself without really giving it much thought. When you click to make a purchase from places such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify Walmart, Esty etc they all have affiliated program, where you as a website owner, can make money.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Every time someone clicks on a link from your website to make a purchase in an online store, they go through a link which is unique to your website. As you are connected to the store as an affiliate marketer, you will receive a commission for directing the customer to the shop – this is called affiliate marketing. The huge benefit here is that you can make money without worrying about inventory or shipping. However, if you have a brick and mortar business, and you want to reach out to a larger target audience, you can create a shop on a website to achieve increased sales from the 4 million potential online shoppers. OK! OK! I hear you…… don’t know how to build a website! Don’t worry neither did I! I am here to help you to take your ideas from just that, an idea, to a business which will provide you with the lifestyle you deserve. Like any business, be it, internet-based, or a brick and mortar style business, it takes hard work and dedication to make it into a successful business……this is not a get-rich-quick scheme! If you are still with me then click below and follow me, where I will show you the platform I recommend for anyone who is serious about building a successful online business. I am not going to beat about the bush here and lead you to believe this is a simple quick magic formula. If you decide to continue with Wealthy Affiliate you will need to work hard at writing content, be patient while your site builds traffic and engage in the community. It may take you a few months to start seeing the fruits of your labor or it could take a couple of years. One thing is for sure there are so many success stories in this community, all achieved by following the step by step tutorials and taking action, that I know if you follow the same recipe, you will find success too. For me finding a Wealthy Affiliate was like finding Gold! Not only is a great website host for your new business it is also a fantastic place to learn step by step how to build a business online, and the community is rich with experienced, high earning, people who are always willing to help a fellow WA member especially if you are a “newbie”. . Follow me to my Wealthy Affiliate Review and see why I recommend this above all other offers for anyone who wishes to build a successful online business.